Dreams and Fantasies

We all have them…but do they ever get fulfilled? Usually not. Now they can in a way that does not harm relationships, it enhances them. The DaF Mask (Dreams and Fantasies) will change the world of augmented reality. This solution is innovative and convenient for the end-user while maintaining a scalable platform with nearly endless personal, business and industrial applications.

The DaF Mask

allows visual role-playing where the users enjoy a fantasy using augmented reality technology. If you want to have dinner with your celebrity crush, cuddle on the couch with your favorite movie star, or have a sing-a-long with a pop star there are no limits to the fun you can have. The DaF Mask app can be used with any VR goggle although the DaF Mask goggle is light-weight and convienient allowing you to see your actual surroundings using the pass-through camera to create the most realistic experience possible.

Fun for everyone...

This product is not just for couples! Using your smartphone grab your DaF Mask for an epic fun-filled family game night. Playing a game of VR/AR charades with the family will be fun and entertaining but you can also enjoy adult charades keeping a pair discretely located in the bedroom! The platform contains patent-pending functionality leveraging facial recognition and facial tracking technology that will be a staple for role-playing and augmented reality games as well as industrial applications.

Choices, choices and more choices

Our database of images includes a wealth of facial profiles spanning all entertainment industries in addition to user-uploaded images. You can choose to rent or buy the images to integrate them into your AR experience through easy to complete in-app purchases. Everyone including celebrities, A-list actors, models, movie stars, animated images and regular everyday people have the ability to contribute to this ever-growing database by uploading their images.

The facts, numbers and other uses

The platform that drives the DaF Mask capitalizes on leading edge VR goggles combined with AR technology that uses the pass-through camera on a mobile device.

• Research shows that AR/VR could hit $150B revenue by 2020 with AR taking the lion’s share around $120B.

• US market is the foundation to expand to the larger global market.

It is anticipated that this worldwide patent-pending platform will host over 20 million users, who will share over 300 million photos and videos per day. The DaF Mask is built on facial recognition and facial tracking technologies which can be crafted to specific businesses or industries such as training college and professional athletes, the entertainment industry and many others.

The DaF Mask is intriguing ...

A unique feature of this platform is that when you upload images that you have the rights to, you get paid for it when people download those images. Why get hundreds or thousands of likes on social media without getting paid for it? As an image owner, you gain fame, attract followers and earn money by being part of someone else’s fantasy.

The DaF Mask application is a new frontier and we are thrilled to broaden our scope to attract new customers and customers who wouldn’t normally use VR/AR goggles. Couples can use the DaF Mask for private role-play and upload cherished images of the user's spouse or licensed images of the user's celebrity crush. The DaF Mask provides a truly augmented experience. Contact us today to be one of the first to try out this new application for Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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